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Guidelines for Submitting Articles

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The Team of NOMADS_ Mediterranean Perspectives appreciates any cooperation, which is conform with the editorial directives of the Official Journal of the EMUI_ EuroMed University. In order to facilitate the work of our editors, the following indications should be noted:

1. Without understanding as a mechanism for censorship, NOMADS_ Mediterranean Perspectives do not necessary correspond to the opinions of the articles, which have to be detailed researched and inferred by appropriate citations and references. Even in the case we will publish the article, responsible for the contents is only the author.

2. Manuscripts must be submitted in English with translation into another language of the European Union and the Mediterranean

3. The text should not exceed 25 pages ( 100,000 characters with spaces), taking as reference the following parameters per page:

- Type font: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif; font-size: 10pt
- Margins: top: 2.5 cm; bottom: 2.5 cm; left: 3 cm; right: 3 cm
- Alignment: justified; line distance: simple

4. The articles have to be headed with a Summary (Abstract and Keywords) in English and the corresponding language of the EU / Mediterranean (≈ 2.000 a short curriculum vitae of the author or authors. characters with spaces) and end with

5. We recommend preparing the reference list in accordance with the following system, p.e.:


a) (2002) REYES, Román, Europa, Fin-de-Siglo. Más allá de la modernidad, Ed. Montesinos, Barcelona

b) (1988) IBÁÑEZ, Jesús, "Cuantitativo / Cualitativo". En Román Reyes (Dir.), Terminología Científico-Social. Aproximación Crítica, Anthropos Ed. del Hombre, Barcelona, pp 218-233

c) (1966) ADORNO, Theodor W., Dialéctica negativa, (Tr. José María Ripalda, 1975), Ed. Taurus, Madrid

d) (2003) RODRIGUEZ KAUTH, Angel, El miedo, motor de la historia individual y colectiva, Pub. Electrónica de la Universidad Complutense, Madrid <>


a) (1987) SÁNCHEZ-VÁZQUEZ, Adolfo, "Semblanza de un marxista: Manuel Sacristán", mientras tanto, 30-31, ISSN 0210-5118, Barcelona, pp 115-121

b) (1937) HORKHEIMER, Max, "Traditionelle und kritische Theorie", Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung, VI, 2. Cfr. Alfred Schmidt (Comp., 1968), Max Horkheimer: Kritische Theorie. Eine Dokumentation, S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt a.M., Bd. 2, ss 137-191.

c) (2001) JANIK, Allan, "De la Lógica a la Animalidad, o Cómo Wittgenstein utiliza a Otto Weininger", Nómadas, 4, ISSN 1578-6730, Madrid, <>

6. The signature is identifying the writer as the only responsible person for authoring the text. Any fraud by plagiarism or other delicts against regulations are exclusively attributable to the author’s signatory.

7. The Editorial Board of NOMADS_ Mediterranean Perspectives  will send the received articles to own and external evaluators, all members of the editorial office. The authors will receive notification of the assessment as soon as it is issued.

8. The articles should be sent in format word (.doc) via email to <>; Info:

Copyright: Papers which are published in NOMADS_ Mediterranean Perspectives are the property of their authors and EMUI. Given the nature and purpose of this publication, partial or complete reproduction of texts is allowed, provided that a) the original source is cited and b) a notification, which includes the intended reproduction of the text as well as name, type of publication and responsibility, is sent to the aforementioned email or post adress.


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