Professors, Lecturers and Researchers


The communitarian institutions, the conferences of rectors and university consortia, as well as the experts informs alert to the urgent need to design quality programmes for university professors training, in order to fill the sort-term scarcity of the EU universities and research centres that predictions indicate. The EMUI, giving priority to this objective, offers the following:

Researcher Programme | Research Body

The Research Teaching Body consists of a) EMUI Researchers (Senior and Junior) and b) Associated Researchers (Senior and Junior). The EMUI selects its Researchers among the Associated Researchers, according to proved quality and excellence. If the candidate obtains an Externally Funded Fellowship can also accede to the position of EMUI Researcher. It is possible to opt for a post of Associated Researcher in anytime of year. Associated Researchers maintain their institutional links with the university or centre of origin.


Junior researchers (PhD candidates) will make their practice as Professors under tutelage in the First Cycle Degree (Diploma). Senior researchers (PhD) will practice as Professor-Researchers under tutelage in the First Cycle Degree (Diploma) and in the Second Cycle Degree (Masters).


Lecturers | Lecturer Body

Invited Professors of outstanding intellectual, academic, political or business career who assume sporadic teaching responsibility in each cycle. The EMUI, according to its budget capacity, will call for selection procedures to fill the positions of Lecturers.

Professors | Professor Body
The Universities of the Consortium assume the academic, teaching and research responsibility through their Professors of the programmes of Second (Masters) and Third Cycle (Advanced Diploma and Doctorate). The EMUI, according to its budget capacity, will progressively announce selection procedures to fill the positions of Professor-Researchers.

Provisional List of Teaching Staff

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