The Euro-Mediterranean University Institute (EMUI) is established as an autonomous public organization, on the grounds of the legislation that, with regard to Higher Education and Research, is applied in the Republic of Malta. Insofar as it is a Euro-Mediterranean institution, with an international, academic and political structure and projection, is likewise protected under the appropriate Community legislation.

The EMUI designs and administers its projects in collaboration with a network of European academic-research institutions, after consulting the appropriate institutions of Maghreb and Middle East. Therefore, the Consortium institutions are represented in its governance organs.


The Euro-Mediterranean University Institute (EMUI) was founded in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid host to our Spain Campus, and an EU, Maghreb and Middle East University Consortium. Officially launched in Malta on October 16th 2007, the events were hosted at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (Valletta), with institutional support from the Government of the Republic and the Embassy of Spain.

The Euro-Mediterranean University Institute (EMUI) arises in Spain as a Research University Institute of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). In cooperation with the homologue institutions in Malta and Fes (Morocco), the creation of the EMUI_UCM implies the consolidation of the Euro-Mediterranean Southern University. The Complutense Institute – EMUI was approved by the UCM Government Council on December the 16th, 2009.

The Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM) has a broad scientific and research variety of programs with high quality, which are developed through the different higher education centers, attached in virtue of the corresponding State competences transferred. These circumstances and others such as geostrategic, political, social and economical considerations make it appropriate, Madrid to arise as a reference for excellence programs, multidisciplinary and convergent, covering those issues dealing with the building of the European model and the policies aimed at the guaranteeing of the success of the project. The offer of the CAM would be notably reinforced.

The projection and international cooperation at a scientific-cultural and academic-research level of the EMUI would reinforce the complementary projection and international cooperation at a political-institutional, socio-economical and business level. We would like to highlight that the EMUI becomes the first Spanish University Institution with specific competences, which necessarily have interdisciplinary character, referred to its purpose and goals.


EMUI has the following purpose and goals

Foundational Goals

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